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Kitchen "Cures" for Diabetes
  What to eat and drink to avoid diabetes  
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Superfoods that can prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes (the most common kind) by protecting the pancreas and insulin-producing cells.

Safe supplements that cause you to burn fat faster and more furiously — without breaking a sweat!

Amazingly simple ways to keep your blood sugar down — no will power needed!

"Hidden" causes of diabetes — and how you can stop the disease immediately!

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Eat to Beat Diabetes Keep blood sugar under control with vinegar  
  That's right — the vinegar you have in your pantry right now has exceptional power to block your blood sugar from rising too high when you eat a meal high in carbohydrates — like pasta, noodles…or the apple pie dessert. Order Diabetes without Drugs Now!  
  Smart way: Splash the right amount of vinegar mentioned by pharmacist Suzy Cohen on a generous vitamin-packed green salad. You'll be multitasking for better health!  
Dark Chocolate lowers blood sugar Egg consumption and diabetes Fire up a faltering thyroid and fight off diabetes
If it's dark chocolate, and the cookie isn’t loaded with white sugar, it's a definite FRIEND! Pharmacist and author Suzy Cohen says that dark chocolate actually lowers blood sugar, and that some scientists believe compounds in cocoa beans might actually help prevent diabetes!
Eggs are full of high-quality protein, but here's a heads-up from Diabetes without Drugs: A very recent study at a famous university found that people who eat an egg a day are much more likely to develop diabetes than non–egg lovers!

Just as bad, people who already have diabetes and eat a certain number of eggs per week are in much greater danger for their very lives!

If you have too little thyroid hormone, your metabolism slows down and can’t burn fat at a normal rate.

Deficiency of the mineral iron is something to look for, because it contributes to the problem. Some diabetes medications actually lower your stores of iron. One good source: a nice lean steak!

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Eat Well, Get Well!
"It's time to stop making yourself crazy and just enjoy your food again," the author declares. Diabetes without Drugs includes more than 50 recipes. See for yourself how great taste and better health can fit together perfectly. This tempting "buffet" includes choices like:

Sugar-free products can contribute to weight gain
Sounds like they should, only they don’t! Diabetes without Drugs reveals that they can actually cause you to pack on more pounds!

Researchers recently came to that shocking conclusion after a long study. In fact, they reported, women who usually drank more than three diet sodas a day nearly doubled their chance of becoming overweight. And not by a little, but a lot!

What you should eat and drink to lose pounds and get healthier is spelled out clearly in Diabetes without Drugs. You’ll even learn how to...

Enjoy a delicious soda! Enjoy this soda if you have diabetes
Just follow the simple recipe for super-healthy Suzy's Natural Soda. Ready in 5 seconds and tastes just like root beer, for real!

• Crusty Onion Cheddar Biscuits
• Lamb Cutlets
• Scallops and Artichoke Pasta
• Guacamole with Corn Chips
• Almond Chicken
• Crab Cakes
• Turkey Avocado Boats
• Pumpkin and Macadamia Nut Soup
• Chocolate Mint Smoothie
• Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Blueberry Cinnamon Cake
• Piña Colada Pleasure Cake
• and
dozens more!
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